Advanced Dental Technology – Covington, WA

Creating Comfortable Dental Experiences with the Latest Innovations

Dentist pointing to teeth images captured using advanced dental technology in Covington

Part of creating a successful, comfortable, and forward-thinking dental office is to provide patients with the most advanced dental technology in Covington available. While more traditional methods still offer great results, these newer devices and equipment that we use at Complete Dental Care of Covington make dental treatments more efficient while leaving patients with shorter recovery times and more enjoyable visits.

CBCT Scanner

C B C T scanner in dental office

Whether it is dental implants that you need, a root canal, or any other type of complex dental procedure, our CBCT scanner produces high-resolution scans of your mouth and facial structures. With a 360-degree rotating arm, it takes hundreds of pictures so that Dr. Navi Dhaliwal can review the three-dimensional model that is produced, creating a treatment plan that will garner accurate results and minimize the potential for any surprises.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Computer screen showing digital dental x rays

Instead of your appointment taking longer because of the time it takes to develop X-rays in a darkroom, our digital dental X-ray device captures images in seconds and with far less radiation. This not only makes them safer for children and adults, but it allows our dental team more time to provide the level of care you need. With high-resolution images that help us to see below the gumline, we can pinpoint problem areas and develop a treatment plan that targets the issue and restores your smile.